When to get rid of cards?

When to get rid of cards?When to get rid of cards?
JosephImips asked 4 years ago

I am very happy with most of my lineup, but I really only care about my credit score. Most of my cards are farely new(last 10 months), with the exception of the Freedom and Quicksilver that I have had for years. I like how high my credit lines are, but I want my score to go up. Because of the new inquiries, my score has been affected by the drop in my AAoA to around 1 year and 7 months. 


Is it worth it to keep the cards and just ride it out untilmy AAoA bounces back up over time, or should I get rid of some of the recent ones that I rarely use?


I am purchasing a couple investment properties this summer and want the best rates so that is the main concern over my FICO scores. 

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