When Rebuilding Credit..

When Rebuilding Credit..When Rebuilding Credit..
oxilazevu asked 4 years ago

I know that it is ideal to have 3 Credit Cards when building up your credit. 


My Wife currently has 1 Secured Card with Capital One. 

Recenlty they gave her a CLI from her starting $ 200.00 to $ 500.00


She also is an Authorized User on her my following Credit Cards


Discover IT ( $ 2000 cl )

Chase Sapphire Preferred ( $ 8500 CL )

American Express Blue Cash Everyday ( $ 15,000 CL )

Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve ( $ 7,000 CL )


Her Credit Scoring shows her between 652-673 throughout the 3 Credit Agencies.. 

would it benefit her to obtain her own cards, or do the AU cards count into the mix of getting 3 cards since they are reporting monthly to CBs?


Just attempting to figure out additional steps in which we can achieve better scores for her




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