When do you DV and when do you just PFD?

When do you DV and when do you just PFD?When do you DV and when do you just PFD?
Terrylen asked 4 years ago

Starting to rebuild and just do PFD’s….but doing tons and tons of reading on this site has left me wondering if I should DV the first collection account that I’m tackling.  On my CR’s….I have 2 collections on EQ and 4 on EX and TU.  I am wanting to tackle the smallest collection which is only showing on TU and EX.  It’s an $ 85 collection balance (original was $ 72) through EOS CCA.  The original lender is AT&T.  I’m not 100% sure what this is for and have not had anything with AT&T in several years.  The latest date is showing as 8-13-12 which makes me think that was when this particular company got the debt.  I was thinking I’d just do a PFD letter for the full $ 85 and be done with it….but now I’m wondering if I should attempt to do a DV.  I’ve read good and bad on doing that.  Any advice?

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