whats rule on issuing notice 5 days from CRA reporting

whats rule on issuing notice 5 days from CRA reportingwhats rule on issuing notice 5 days from CRA reporting
SamanthaInila asked 4 years ago

isnt there a CA requrement of issuing a letter within the first five days of reporting a collection account to CRA’s.

something that says you need to inform/report within the first five days of communication upon discovery of a collection account on CRA?


i m in Texas and some 90 days since first reported on CRA, i received a dunning collection letter which was the very first communication to me from this CA?

The latest letter is dated December 23, 2015 & collection was first reported to CRA on September 11, 2015  using a different collection agency name from what has been received by me today. Meaning CRA reporting company is Allied Collection Services and the dunning letter with Miranda rights of collections was received with the name of Resident Collect Inc. Both names have the same surety bond in Texas.

irrespective of their individual collection agency name, the address shown is the same. A certified mail requesting Debt Validation was sent on Nov 21st, 2015 to Allied Collection (with same letter) and also a online dispute with EQ was filed on Nov 16th, 2015. A response to my online dispute was followed by a letter from Resident Collect Inc with itemized bills and what was being collected with original creditor. At this point, they have not yet received my TX TFC 392 DV request. 


Now, i get this dunning letter dated december 23, 2015. 


What should i do? have i got my debt validation responded to? The response received via their first letter with bills was in response to my online dispute not via the letter. of November 21, 2015

Should i send out another response request for DV saying this is my first ever communication received by me from Allied collection Services aka Resident Collect Inc.

What happens to TX TFC 392 request of November 21 received by them on Nov 26th, 2015. As of December 29th, 2015, no response to my DV TX TFC 392 letter of Nov 21, 2015. thats 30+ days so far? is it 60+ 1 day on TX TFC 392.


What should i do? help





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