What’s next?

What’s next?What’s next?
Edwardkig asked 5 years ago

I have been working the last few years on rebuilding my credit that was down in the high 500’s.  Here is a summary:


– Scores

785 TU according to CreditKarma

744 EQ according to CreditKarma

704 EX FICO from Experian.com


– CCs

500 CL Classic CC from my CU (Opened 10/2011) (0 Balance) (CL is maxed out)

2000 CL Platinum CC from my CU (Opened 3/2013) (500 Balance)

1000 CL Cap1 Platinum (recently got a 250 CLI) (Opened 2/2012) (300 Balance)

26000 CL Chase CC (Opened 8/2004) (2500 Balance) (AU)

1600 Installment Loan (Opened 1/2014) (200 Balance)

16500 Auto Loan w/ my CU (Opened 4/2013) (Paid off 4/2015)


– Credit Inquiries

EQ – 1 (12/2013 for 1600 Installment Loan)

EX – 0

TU – 0


– Collections

209 CenturyLink phone bill (Opened 11/2010, Closed 2/2011, Paid and Closed)  (I’m disputing this because I have no idea why it is there) (on all 3 CRs)

98 Medical bill (Opened 5/2009, last reported 11/09, Open) (Only on EQ)

983 Medical Bill (Opened 4/2012, last reports 5/2012, Open) (Only on EQ)


The CC and Installment Loan will be paid off next month.   Once I see on CreditKarma that the CCs and loan are paid off, I’m going to get FICOs on TU and EQ.

I’d like to get them all above 775, looking for suggestions on what to do next.




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