What’s my next step?

What’s my next step?What’s my next step?
ivusanaxo asked 4 years ago

Hi, I’m New here. I’ve been rebuilding my credit the last couple years. My husband and I have ruined our credit but are on the mends.

As of now I have
Capital one card (2000) started out as 300. They haven’t given an increase in awhile, it’s been maxed out but I’ve not missed a payment. Just last month I pif and used again for house bills/ food.

Cap one quicksilver since Feb (1000) which I use and pay off. Expecting a 6 month increase.

Creditone, (650) usually make 100-200, only use if I must.

Walmart (500) pif last month and charged back up.
Best buy (1000) owe 450 on 18 months no interest
Belk store card (1000) owe 600 which is my new goal to pay off.
Khols (300) owe 160.

Cap one scire just jumped from 644 to 669 was very excited, until I seen CK score
Walmart says 609.

House is in husbands name, no car loans and just finished school again so have student loans about 35k freaking me out. No payments required bc of lower income. They went by taxes and I just started working so only 13k was counted as income. My husband is on SSDI so that’s not counted either.

What should I do? I’d like better cards but hate applying bc it hurts your score. I was waiting for maybe Jan because in August several inquiries will fall off and some old collections and that cap one increase. Is it best to pay off card and then ask for increase? I’ve read to get personal loans? If I pay off a card, to only use again when does it report best? I try not to use it until statement closes but it’s hard when I throw my whole check to pay it off. I’ll be working full time hours next 12 weeks covering a maternity leave so want to make most of extra income.

Any suggestions are welcome. I’m so excited to get on track. My credit reports as 10 yrs, my sister added me to her Amex card and took me off but it’s still reporting. My own credit is 3 years.

Thank you

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