What would you do?

What would you do?What would you do?
NeldaFer asked 4 years ago

Wondering if writting a letter now or wait and see approach. My judgement collector went out of business. The origininal debtor is Jefferson Capital Systems. I just call them again today and asked them if they can take the debt and let me deal directly with them, she said to me that this situation is now in there internal review, they are deciding who to send this debt to I said if you send it forward wont they the new collector tack on fee’s, she said she didnt know. But one thing that she said that was shocking was she said she will send the debt to the new law firm with the balance of $ 590.56, the collection I have been paying for a year said the balance was $ 1126.00 it was in the 1700’s when I started paying the 50.00 a month. the closed collection bennett law  did say that when I hit 1k balance that I could do a 50 percent pay off. Do I just wait this out or write a letter and pay this somehow. I like the 590 balance now.


Thank you

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