What to do first?

What to do first?What to do first?
Warrenseene asked 4 years ago

I’m totally lost on where to start. This is such a newbie thing to do, but what where would you start off if you were in my shoes?


I have 5 collections (2 medical, 2 rental, 1 utility) all adding up to $ 2,210.00 all opened around 2011.

I have a charge-off for an auto loan in 2012 for $ 5,761.00 that is reporting as a negative. 

And a high credit credit balance for Wells Fargo, CL of $ 4700, currently $ 4300 outstanding, This CL was opened in 2011 and was just recetly maxed out. 


I have about $ 2K in savings that I can use on paying off some of this debt, but I’m unsure where to put that money to bost my Credit Score.


At the moment all I know is that I’m at 586 with Experian. I was also just approved by Khol’s ($ 300), Amazon ($ 1,500) & Victoria’s Secret ($ 250) all with in the past few days/weeks. 


Where do I start? What’s affecting me more?


Also, I have 4 accounts that are closed, with “Paid as Agreed”, are this affecting me? should I write letters? if so, what letter?


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