What to close/leave open?

What to close/leave open?What to close/leave open?
Mjuterbof asked 4 years ago

So I just relocated to a new state and closed on my house last week.  During UW, I took a ding for “too many accounts” (along with a “too high balance” which was taken care of with the proceeds from the house I sold) so now that closing has occurred, I’m trying to decide what my next course of action should be. Here’s what I currently have:


Card                                    Opened  APR                  Limit

AmEx SPG Starwood       1996       19%                  25,900

AmEx Delta Skymiles       1996       19%                  1,400

Shell                                     2005       ?                        450

Sears                                   2005        ?                        2,001

Discover IT                          2006        17%                  9,500

USAA AmEx                       2007         10.9%              12,000

Nordstrom                           2008        ?                         750

Home Depot                       2011        0% promo         5,001

Macy’s                                  2011        0% promo        1,900

SunTrust Visa                     2012         8.9%                 5,500

Barclay’s Apple                  2014         0% promo/23% 3,000

Chase Disney                    2014         16.24%             15,100

USAA Visa                          2014         11.15%             16,000

Wells Fargo MicroCenter 2014                                     3,600


As of February cut dates, the only balances are $ 900 on the Home Depot card and $ 550 on the Apple card.  In my new location, I will no longer have convenient access to Shell, Nordstrom, or MicroCenter so consider those closed. Macy’s closed my account due to inactivity and I just paid off a mattress set, so that one is probably already taken care of.   I haven’t used the Sears card in years, so I’m kind of surprised it’s still open.  I bought a new laptop on the Barclay’s card on a 0% for 24 months promo and once that’s paid off, I probably won’t use that card again as the non-promo rate is a godawful 23% so that’s a close candidate.


The only annual fees I have are the AmEX SPG and AmEx Skymiles, but I’m fine with those as the wife and I travel here and there and the benefits outweigh the annual fee.  I have a long history with USAA and the rates are decent, so I’m leaning towards keeping the AmEx and Visa thorugh them.  I used the Discover once for a balance transfer special, but at 17% I actually cut up the last card they sent to me and just kind of let the account languish.  The wife demands that the Disney card stay open so there’s no option there Smiley LOL  Now note that I did have a 30-day late on the SunTrust card back in December 2015, but it was my first and I have already paid that card off and tried to get them to GW that….still pending.  Aside from that, everything is paid on time (along with 1 mortgage and 2 Lightstream car loans)


Short term, our plan is to gut the house we just bought and update it…live in it 3-5 years and then upgrade, so I guess you could say I’m just in cruise control mode for the time being.  I don’t wish to sign up for anything new and I’m not a rewards chaser outside of the programs I’m already in.  If I close all my store/charge cards except for Home Depot, and only hold on to the 2 AmEx, 2 USAA, the Suntrust and the Chase Visas, maybe trying for a CLI on the Suntrust and Skymiles card, would the net effect be rather neutral?  I’m not too concerned about score drops now that the mortgage is signed sealed delivered, but we may need to replace the wife’s vehicle within the next year and I don’t want this “too many accounts” thing being an issue again.

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