What is the point of Travel/Miles credit cards?

What is the point of Travel/Miles credit cards?What is the point of Travel/Miles credit cards?
NahouseOVarl asked 4 years ago

Hey guys, new here, first topic/post..great to be registered here.


I’m only 23, I got my first credit cards last year..BofA CR, Discover IT, and I recently got the BofA Travel Rewards. I’m not a fan of the BofA Cash Rewards and Discover it. I don’t really like the rotating categories because sometimes I don’t spend at that category and not just going to waste money to get cash back using that card. For example this month, is 5% Amazon, certain Department, and home improvement stores which is good, but other is Six Flags, seriously? I got the Travel for the signup bonus and because I wanted to save for a trip, but then I realized, what is the difference than some other cash back only card? Instead, im stuck with only using for travel credit whereas I can use a cash back rewards card for anything. I don’t travel much, so the 3pts per travel wont do me much good. I should have done my research more lol. I was thinking on just applying for the Captitol One Quicksilver for everyday but afraid i’ll have too many cards. Citi DC is nice but I like the quick redemption process of Cap1 and i’d prob not get approved for it or if I would, would be small CL. Nothing crazy, but I do take Uber a lot so the 20% off would be nice as well. Also the 100 signup bonus is nice for not a big spender like myself.



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