What FICO model does CAPITAL ONE pull ??

What FICO model does CAPITAL ONE pull ??What FICO model does CAPITAL ONE pull ??
Daursessy asked 5 years ago

When I apped for my Quicksilver1 and PLATINUM, they pulled my EXP FICO 08 .. Scores were only 581 then.  I’m up to 641 (EXPERIAN) and climbing FAST, and want to app for Quicksilver and Venture when I hit 670-680 mark .. but I was told for Venture & VentureOne they may pull FICO 4, where my scores are considerably lower. . But for regualr QS I’m wondering who they pull?  Anyone get an approval or denial, and see which FICO they pulled on the letter?  I want to do an app spree in a couple months (Citi Cash, VentureOne and Quicksilver, Barclay Rewards MC, Chase Freedom & USAA / NFCU), but need lenders who pull FICO 08 (I know Chase did for my Freedom in July). . Any input would be great!  


Also, what scores did you have when you were APPROVED for the VentureOne or regular Quicksilver ?  🙂  Thank you!


Scores as of 11/14:   TU 556  EXP  570  EQ 544

Scores as of 07/15:  TU 584  EXP 582  EQ 566

Scores as of 9/11/15:   TU 611 (yet to update huge UTIL paydwon)*  EXP 641  EQ 580 (the lagger!!)


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