What can I do next?

What can I do next?What can I do next?
Ernestacoub asked 5 years ago

What should I do next?  My goal is to repair my credit honestly and eventually buy a new home in a few years.  I have been reading all I can on these forums for about a week now.


According to CreditKarma, my scores are Transunion 628, Equifax 629.  When I applied for a car loan last month, the dealer verbally said my score around 680(which made no sense to me.)


I started trying to fix my credit in January 2015.   I have no baddies since then.  All of my information is from Credit Karma, MyBankRate, and Capital One’s Credit Tracker.  All three of these are FAKO, correct?  What should I do first to get a real score? annualcreditreport.com?


Before January 2015, my credit is a mess. My mortgage kept getting sold to new lendors.  I have 4 different lenders reporting late payments for their respective time periods.  I believe there is nothing I can do about these but wait 7 years, correct?


I have one medical bill under $ 200 reporting paid in full but still listed as a collection.  It was for my daughter, and my husband and I both agree it should never have been connected to me as he was always the responsible party.  I disputed it with Transunion and Equifax.  Transunion deleted it.  Equifax denied it.  The medical provider has refused multiple times over the phone to remove it from my credit report (though they did offer to ALSO put it on my husband’s.)  I paid this bill before I knew anything about pay in full for delete, and it’s too late now.  I believe there is nothing left to be done about this bad mark on my report, correct?


I have one student loan for around 10k that is current and shows all on time payments.  There are old student loans on my report, though, that show closed, collection or charged off, when really they were converted into this current loan which is being paid. I tried to get them removed, and the lendor is willing but doesn’t seem to know how.  Should those still be there?


January 2015, I got 2 Capital One prequalified offers and opened both cards.  Their limits have been raised to Quicksilver 3300 and 4500.  We use these for the cash bonus but pay them before they bill each month.


In January and February this year, I have gotten Nordstrom $ 2500, Chase Freedom $ 2000, Discover $ 800.  I intend to only allow small amounts on these to be billed.  I have 7 hard inquiries now.


Before applying for those 3 new cards, I was recently automatically denied for Amazon and Old Navy because of income issues, though my husband’s income is 6 figures in a community property state (I do not have outside income).  I don’t understand those denials.  My husband has lower scores and just got Amazon for $ 800.  But I understand from these boards that there’s no use asking Sync to reconsider.  I have an old Sync JCPenny card that shows up positive but closed for inactivity. I called and tried to get them to reopen it, but they don’t do that.  It’s the oldest account on my credit and about to fall off.


I am an authorized user on my husband’s cards CO $ 6300(14 months) and BOA $ 2000 (new)


What should my next steps be to improve my score? Is there anything helpful I can do other than garden these 5 cards and wait 6 more years for my mortgage payment history to be wiped clean?  The Mortgage payment history, old student loan info and paid medical bill are the only bad things Credit Karma and My Bank Rate tell me are issues.


In summary, right now I have:

Mortgage $ 205k

Student Loan $ 10k

CO $ 3300

CO $ 4500

Chase Freedom $ 2000

Nordstrom $ 2500

Discover $ 800

(AU for CO $ 6300 and BOA $ 2000)



If you read all that, bless you.

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