What are your favorite rewards cards?

What are your favorite rewards cards?What are your favorite rewards cards?
Warrenseene asked 5 years ago

In the past few months I’ve started collecting rewards cards. I like rewards!!


What are your favorite rewards cards, and what rewards do you get?


I have Kroger 1-2-3 rewards that I use for gas – the extra 5 cents off a gallon, after cashing in fuel points, is like getting 5% off gas.

Amex BCP that I use for groceries

Barclay UPromie cards that I use for any online purchase from company that gives UPromise rewards since the card gives an additional 5% on top of the company rewards, and 10% on Tuesdays.

Discover IT for anything that would fall into 1% cash back from all other cards, and whatever their 5% category is (I’m in the double cash back, so would get 2% or 10% at year end)

I was just approved for Cap1 QS – when my double cash back ends on discover, this will become my go to card for things that don’t fall into rewards category since its 1.5%



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