Wells Fargo and Chase blacklist times?

Wells Fargo and Chase blacklist times?Wells Fargo and Chase blacklist times?
richeventtula asked 5 years ago

Just curious if anyone knows how long Wells Fargo’s blacklist wait might be (for no specific reason, just curious, no apps needed/wanted in particular)?  I apped for a WF backed card (Tempurpedic I think) a couple of weeks ago and received the letter with the sole reason for denial being that I had a charged off Wells Fargo account.  This is true, I settled a private student loan with them in 2012 and that’s the only relationship with WF I’ve ever had.


Also, I had a Chase card ($ 500CL) charged off in 2009, but I haven’t apped for any Chase products to know if I’m on it or not…my scores are just hovering around 600 anyway until some of my new accounts start reporting…any idea how long I should wait total (after scores are in range) before Chase might have me back?

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