Well, that backfired badly….

Well, that backfired badly….Well, that backfired badly….
Warrenseene asked 4 years ago

I sent to PFD offers to two different CA’s last month. No response from one, but got a letter from the other one today…


We can’t accept your offer for the following reasons:


1 The amount offered was more than the original account balances. Really? I explained I was including interest….


2. There is another substantial acount from Arlington Medical Center for $ 423.  Oh, crap…        


3. Our contracts with Transunion, Experian and Equifax states we are not to delete legitimate items in exchange for payment. Well, at least they didn’t try to tell me it was illegal under FCRA, I’ll give them that.   


The other account they are holding is not on my reports currently, but it is on my wifes reports. I’m pretty much stuck with paying it to try to keep it from showing up. Smiley Mad Grrrr


I geuss I’ll have to send them the payment, with a “counter offer” alleging I don’t consider the others to be legitimate anyway, making their “contract clause” not applicable.


Two stepd forward, one step back…. 

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