Was advised to start my own thread about NFCU

Was advised to start my own thread about NFCUWas advised to start my own thread about NFCU
richeventyar asked 5 years ago

In response to another thread – I stole the quote from that thread that is pertinent to this thread, hope that is okay. 


CH-7-Rebuilding wrote:

Also, OP, it is not enough if your uncle or grandpa or whomever was a vet.  They have to either be active duty or they have to be retired career military and there are also memberships based on being a military contractor under these same categories.  This is NOT like USAA where any vet can join and then their family members can join.


Navy Fed defines “household members” as those essentially acting in a situation where incomes and expenses are shared.  They do mean it to be more than a couple of college roommates, and they certainly do include domestic partners in this area, but they would include others who live as a family.  It gets murky here. It does not state that you must be in a romantic sexual relationship.


But domestic partner is perfectly cool.  I would refer to him/her as domestic partner when dealing with Navy and omit the word “roommate.”   And remember those other relatives won’t get you in unless they are active duty now or retired lifers.

Oh noes x 4! Sorry to hijack but not sure a new thread is worth – Please, can someone help?  (edit: obviously this is a new post afterall)


So I have military all up and down my family tree – multiple uncles, father, great grandfather who was KIA – nobody is currently active nor has anyone met their 20+ years to retire. I have one uncle who is a current NFCU member and he has the most years under his belt but still, did not retire through USMC. He is willing to sponsor me and I thought if they were alive, this was no problem. But now you’re telling me if he’s an uncle, he CANNOT sponsor me without being retired?!?!?!?!?!? This kills my dreams. :smileysad: 


Please anyone w/a different experience give me a silver lining!



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