Want to get to mid 700’s

Want to get to mid 700’sWant to get to mid 700’s
ivusanaxo asked 5 years ago

Hello everyone, this is my first post.  I would like to refinance our house in about a year and need a strategy to get my credit in a position where I can get the best loan possible.  Back in the 1990s I got myself in credit trouble so I swore off credit cards and consumer loans “forever”.  For example, I made my last car payment ever in 1994.  I pay cash for everything.  The only loan that showed up in my history for a long time was my mortgage.  My mortgage got behind in 2012, but since 3/2013 I have paid on time.  I did buy another house through an FHA loan last year with a credit score of 660.  


Knowing I wanted to increase my credit to eventually refinance my mortgage, I did apply for and receive a Chase Freedom card.  My FICO score went up about 25 points in 1 month.  Currently my scores are 680, 684 and 691.  I have just been using the Freedom card for gas to generate some activity.  The limit is $ 4,000.  I just today applied for a Discover card so I would have more opportunities to make on time payments.  Is my strategy sound?  The worst aspect of my credit is low % of on time payments because of my mortgage troubles 3 years ago.  Any advice would be appreciated.

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