Wal-Mart synchrony acting strange

Wal-Mart synchrony acting strangeWal-Mart synchrony acting strange
DavidEthix asked 5 years ago

 Synchrony has been acting strange this past week or out of the normal for them.  My statement cut on the 2nd,  My balance went from 1139 to 430,  a 62 % decrease.  The 430 balance that was on my statement reported to equifax on june 6th.   I put a charge of about 385 on the 3rd., a day after my statement cut.  So that brought up my balance to 794, a 85% increase.   Synchrony reported that balance today.  Synchrony seems like it reported my balance twice, which they have never done.  Also the day I put the 385 on my Wal-Mart MC ,  I get a automated phone call from the fraud department,  verifying that charges I made were valid.   They have never called me about my charges in two years.   So strange……

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