Wait, Send EE or Attempt to Settle?

Wait, Send EE or Attempt to Settle?Wait, Send EE or Attempt to Settle?
Warrenseene asked 5 years ago

Well I have done a little more research on my collection accounts. I have called the CRA and asked for the DOFD and exlusion date on 5 collection accounts (Midland, PRA & Cavalry). They told me the DOFD on all were split between 1/2009 & 2/2009 and the exclusion dates were going to be 1/2016 & 2/2016. 

At this point, would you just recommend to wait it out a few months? Maybe try and see if an EE would be applicable? I was going through them to see if I can settle these to clear my record once and for all, but at this point it may not seem worth it. The last thing I want to do is misstep and re-age an account on accident. Also, once these accounts are dropped, does this mean that they are off of everything forever? My biggest concern is that they would still show up in a separate mortgage report or seen by a lender. I know there are certain Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac regulations about a mortgage loan with collections on the record. I am trying to purchase a house in the next year. 

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