Victim of ID theft, need help.

Victim of ID theft, need help.Victim of ID theft, need help.
SamanthaInila asked 3 years ago

I recently became aware of the ability to see my credit reports for free, and discovered 7 negative accounts on my credit that don’t belong to me.


I’ve talked to a few of the companies and they aren’t really wanting to help, because the address on the accounts IS my mailing address, but somehow these theives must of had the cards forwarded to their own address.


I’m also getting collection notices in the mail now because these people not only stole my info and obtained cards, but charged hundreds and never made a payment.


So now I need to figure out if it’s best to get ahold of the company that issued these accounts, or the debt collectors themselves.


Since so much time has passed (over 8 months) since these accounts were furnished, I have a bad feeling I’m going to have trouble getting them off my report.

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