VERY STRANGE …. transunion EE

VERY STRANGE …. transunion EEVERY STRANGE …. transunion EE
MangosteenMew asked 4 years ago

Hello everyone,

I’m posting to see if anyone has any insight or maybe something similar has happened to someone else..

I called TU to ask for an EE on an account that was set to fall of in August. CSR said no, supervisor said yes.

Supervisor asked if there was anything else I said no thank you, (didn’t want to push it) so I hung up.

I called right back to TU since I wanted to ask about another account that was set to fall off in September..


When CSR asked which account I had a question on I said under “adverse accounts” and gave her the name..

She then replied that there is only one Adverse account listed, and gave me the name ( which would be the newest, medical collection i have).


keep in mind before this call I had 5 adverse accounts listed…


Sooo while i’m expecting there is some mistake and they are all still there… has this ever happened to anyone?? and how could this happen?? I’m not holding my breath or getting too excited… Just going to wait to see if any updates on myfico, CK or CS.. (and for the TU letter and updated report)..


Anyway just thought it was very strange and wanted to see if anyone had a similar experience.

Thanks all!

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