Very slow, but don’t give up!!

Very slow, but don’t give up!!Very slow, but don’t give up!!
BorisDom asked 3 years ago


I just wanted to post on my status, in hopes this will help those who feel that there is no hope. Like some people I am paying the price for years of neglecting my credit. My scores were at one time all in the high 400’s (not a good high). Well I did some research and decide to get with a company to help me repair my credit, so I started with their service as of 11/15. My scores at the time were as follows, TU: 522, EQ: 519, and EX: 498 and I had a total of 94 negative items between all three CB’s. Today is 03/08/16 and I have had a total of 52 negative items removed with 42 remaining, my scores have gone up to TU: 605, EQ: 619 and EX: 623, which puts me in the fair level. Most of my negative items are from school government loans, but I have almost everything on my credit reports that you can think of (medical, cc, loans, utilities etc.). I have been able to get a Credit One Bank Card with a $ 450 credit limit in 01/16 and in 02/16 I got a Capitol One CC with a credit limit of $ 300, and just recently, like 3 days ago I got a Gander Mountain CC with a $ 500 limit. I still get denied with other CC’s such as Citi, Barclaycard, Discover and all the other ones I can try that perform soft hits. It’s a slow process and at times I get frustrated but I tell myself just keep moving forward and don’t give up. I am like a hawk now, I manage all my bills, and have been paying everything on time, I got car back in 12/14 and have successfully paid 15 payments all on time. It’s a good feeling to finally take control of my credit and feel the benefits starting to come. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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