Verizon Wireless PFD Success!

Verizon Wireless PFD Success!Verizon Wireless PFD Success!
Edwardkig asked 4 years ago

I had a collection account from Verizon Wireless from my ex-husband’s phone. It was supposed to be changed to his name but the authorization of liability never went into effect and at the same time, my ex changed all of the account information including the account password and billing address. The whole time the account was still in my name but I was never receiving any communication regarding the account or the fact that it was past due. My ex ended up getting a new phone with a different company and just stopped paying the Verizon bill. The collection popped up on my credit report a few months ago. I had success emailing the CEO of Chase Auto regarding a GW removal of late payments so I decided to do the same thing with Verizon right off the bat. I emailed both the CEO of Verizon Wirless and Verizon Communications. A day later, I was on the phone with a nice woman from the executive office and after a few days of investigation into the account, they agreed to remove the account from my reports. I had to pay my ex husband’s outstanding $ 192 bill but it was well worth it. Can’t wait to see my score jump once it reflects on my reports.

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