Verifying Judgments/Garnishments

Verifying Judgments/GarnishmentsVerifying Judgments/Garnishments
SamanthaInila asked 4 years ago

My wife and I are in the process of fixing our credit and we want to ensure nothing is hanging over our heads while we do it. We’ve received various notices from credits about “possible wage garnishment” this and “avoiding judgments” that, but we’re not 100% which are factually and which is just ginned up debt collector language designed to scare you.


Where can I get a complete list for both my wife and I of any current garnishments active against our pay or outstanding judgments that have went through the actual court system. I’m an independent contractor that doesn’t work for a company and she’s not working, so we are sort of out of the loop at the moment and not too sure what’s out there waiting for us. I recently ran a credit report for us, but it wasn’t inclusive enough to give us this info. Would a government agency of some kind be able to tell us?

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