Valuable Information for Active Duty Military

Valuable Information for Active Duty MilitaryValuable Information for Active Duty Military
NetMiner007 asked 5 years ago

Many credit card companies will enroll you into the Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act program as long as you’re on active duty. By enrolling in this program they will drop your interest rate to 6% or lower, refund all interest down to the new interest rate they set you at, refund all BT fees, late fees, cash advance fees, membership fee’s ect. You simply have to call your CC provider’s customer service number and ask for a supervisor as the first line person will most likely have no idea what you’re talking about. This is retroactive from the FIRST day you joined active duty. Here is an example below:


I joined in Nov 2005. I got a Barclay’s CC in 2010. I had my interest rate dropped to 0% for as long as I’m on active duty and they will charge me NO interest and NO FEES OF ANY SORT. In addition to this, any interest paid will be refunded. So far the following card I have enrolled in this program are:


Macy’s CC

Lowe’s CC

Home Depot CC

Bank of America CC

Discover Card

Capital One


An additional note, this program applies to spouses as well. So if your spouse has a high interest credit card, they are eligible to enroll. The only documentation I had to send in was a copy of my current orders or LES.

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Joyce Lewis replied 5 years ago

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