Utilization changed, and it’s wrong!

Utilization changed, and it’s wrong!Utilization changed, and it’s wrong!
elevity asked 5 years ago

Hello, I’ve been reading the boards for a couple weeks, wasn’t planning to post so soon, still learning, BUT, this morning I got a notice that my utilization changed on Experian, and when i took a look it said I’m using 97% now (the change was made after making a payment that was 3 times the amount on a card that I usually pay- ??). 

I don’t know where to check utilization on this site, but a few weeks ago on another site my utilization was at 68% and I have not used cards since then. After paying down a couple balances I figured it should be at 58% now, but Experian and MyFico are saying it is 97%. WHAT? The ONLY difference is that my 27 year mortgage that I have been paying does not report to Experian- I’m working on that today by making a call to the bank. But, even without the mortgage would it make a difference? How do I find out what’s going on? Thanks!!

Free Credit Report Commercials – Rockstar (with Lyrics)

Chuloloc replied 5 years ago

Awesome. Hail FCR.

cstreitercow replied 5 years ago


yakamolove4 replied 5 years ago

What the HELL does this commercial have ANYTHING to do with racial issues?
Seriously people, stop making everything about being black or white. It’s
SERIOUSLY pathetic and idiotic.

LovrPeace replied 5 years ago

they should drop an album!!! I AM serious..

sexyspeeddemon7187 replied 5 years ago

i memorized all of them do you guys know where the pirate het is in all of

RetroGirl85 replied 5 years ago

This one wasnt as good as the previous ones. It seems like now they are
trying too hard to come up with funny and catchy lyrics..

CodGod69 replied 5 years ago

at 0:26 and or 0:25 play or pause

InTheFastLain replied 5 years ago

racist!!! Black people rock. my best friend! there just the same as us.

GhAnAaLlDaY718 replied 5 years ago

This is by far the best 1!

CodGod69 replied 5 years ago

the red dice hits him in the head

PinkPunkyKat replied 5 years ago

I can sing all of these, except for the bike one by heart. This is my
favorite one so far.

MrTrent replied 5 years ago

i just found out that this company Triple Advantage has been stealing
$14.95 from my account for 6 Months. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU, DO NOT

WildestBrunette replied 5 years ago

I love these commercials. This one is definately my favorite!!

Jack Doff replied 5 years ago

where’s the racism ?

ObeIiskos replied 5 years ago

I think Cell Phone was uploaded after his comment.

amberloves10201993 replied 5 years ago

I loveee this one out of all of them!

musicsmilezatme replied 5 years ago

i wonder do people actully call

raevetterl replied 5 years ago

I love these comertials!

GetLurned replied 5 years ago

this isn’t one of their best songs…

PinkPunkyKat replied 5 years ago

Why do you have to be so racist? There are lots of African Americans who
have worked very hard to get where they are and as a result have lots of
money. Perhaps you should take an example from them and learn to work hard
instead of insulting them.

iLoveHeathLedger15 replied 5 years ago

Awesome! Love this one!:D

luaethegood replied 5 years ago

“now im finding out how bad reallyed hurts”lol 2 funny

jacobandjune replied 5 years ago

This was the least catchy of all 5 CR commercials. Still creative,

ftjax replied 5 years ago

pure nonsense…TAKE them OFF the air !

Noreen Malek replied 5 years ago

*silence* demonic…

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