USDA; How strict about open tradelines?

USDA; How strict about open tradelines?USDA; How strict about open tradelines?
eeyowidoego asked 4 years ago

Ok so I am hoping to be moved in to our new home by mid August. We are moving 4 hours away back to my hometown and my oldest child starts Kindergarten in August so if at all possible I dont want him to have to move schools. I am hoping to be approved through USDA. I started my credit rebuilding process about a year ago and Im up 100 points! Paid off some collections and at the end of May I got a secured credit card. At the end of July I got an installment loan through a furniture company. At the end of August I got a Car loan. A lot of new credit on my report but all necessary to raise my credit after a repo 2 years ago and no other good credit except deferred student loans.
I have been told that USDA requires 4 open trade lines with a minimum of 12 months history, is that right?
I know rent will count for 2 lines and my cc will be 12 months in May so I can use that and still make my August deadline.
So any chance my other lines would qualify being a month and 2 months short? Most of my utilites are included in my rent and the power is in my exs name and is paid in cash. Cell phone also in his name but I have always paid it with my card, so could that work? Never more than 30 days late but a few 15-20 days late.
Also probably a dumb question but would DEFERRED student loans count as a trade line? Ive got plenty of those since 2012 and payments begin in June.
Sorry for so many questions just ready to get this ball really rolling and now that my mid score is 645 this is the only thing stopping me!

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