LizzieMer asked 5 years ago

Closing date in contract was set for tomorrow…. Never even made it through lender UW , therefore never made it to USDA UW due to property issue. ( Appraiser noted that there was NO 5/8 drywall in attached garge.. didnt even know this was a potential issue ? ( stated fire spread hazard)  ( estimates to drywall around $ 1800 ) Seller refusal to perform repair, I am NOT going to pay for a house thats not even mine… SO the loan is shut down…. I DID however, have lender rerun my scores since last time was in Feb15, and scores came back at 711 (middle) and am in works for 3% conventional ( which I understand is much more lenient with proprerty issues) NEW closing date has been  revised on an ammended sales contract to May 22.  My LO says YOU are “golden” it was  the house w/ loan type and government restrictions that shut it down… we shall see… It just blows because my credit didnt kill it..the home did :smileysad:

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