USAA debit card fraud

USAA debit card fraudUSAA debit card fraud
Michaelrib asked 4 years ago

So I very rarely use my debit card…I use credit 90% of the time, but yesterday my daughter was working at the mall and wanted a Cinnabon, so I got it for her, the amount was $ 3.49 and I decided to pay via debit instead. The guy working there was foreign (no offense to anyone, just a data point) and during the whole transaction he was talking on his Bluetooth. This morning I decided to look at my USAA account (another something I rarely do) and I noticed four charges to “Amazon Services” for $ 10.60 each and the last one to “Amazon Services” was for $ 32.10. I immediately called USAA to report the fraud and have the card closed. For Amazon I only use my Prime credit or lately Chase Freedom with the promo, so I knew immediately this was fraudulent. USAA filed the claim and is expediting a new card.


Be vigilant! 

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