US Bank Cash+ Plus Credit Card 5% Category Analysis

US Bank Cash+ Plus Credit Card 5% Category AnalysisUS Bank Cash+ Plus Credit Card 5% Category Analysis
subzopokatuff asked 4 years ago

For those who have this card, this may be a useful analysis.


I just received my Cash+ card, and was trying to determine whether Seattle Bouldering Project (SBP) would be categorized as Gym / Fitness. I selected Gym/Fitness Centers and Sporting Goods Stores because I wasn’t 100% sure what category it would be.


The site said it could take 3 business days for your selected 5% categories to lock in. It only took 1 business day. I actually made purchases before my 5% categories were locked in. Purchases took almost 2 business days to go from pending to completed. That worked out since my 5% categories were still locking in.



SBP shows up 3 times. Twice for MCC 7997 and once for 7999 so I was worried my purchases might be coded as 7999 which is RECREATION SERVICES and has no reward category on the credit card.

I made a purchase in the gym and 1 online. Both went to pending as authorized. Checking to see if there would be 2 MCC depending if online or offline purchases. It appeared purchases made before 6PM PST would show as completed transactions the next day at 6PM PST.

Purchases showed up at around 6PM PST. Transaction history wasn’t ready until 1AM PST. The downloaded transaction history yielded 07997 for both my offline and online purchase.


I now determined that:

Gym/Fitness Centers = 7997
Sporting Goods Stores = 5941


I’d also like to point out that both Gym/Fitness Centers and Sporting Goods Stores are under the same Industry Code SPORTING GOODS / CLUBS / TEAMS which was confusing because I thought SBP was miscategorized since I was expecting something like GYM / FITNESS when I looked up the supplier code.


Rewards has shown up in my US Bank Rewards History

5% / 2% CASH+ CATEGORY$ x.xx Pending 

 Don’t know if this showed up when my transaction posted 6PM PST or when the transaction history was ready at 1AM PST.

Cash + history has not updated at this time. I suspect it will be ready when my Rewards are no longer pending.


Hopefully this info is helpful to someone.

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