Update on Transunion “Special Handling Department”

Update on Transunion “Special Handling Department”Update on Transunion “Special Handling Department”
asked 4 years ago

Update on my efforts to have TU update one of my CC balances that wasn’t reflecting paydown:


I called 312-985-2000 and was connected with someone who was not in the U.S.   Short menu of entries, then I was connected.

I asked the person to please connect me to the “Special Handling Department” in the United States.   He did so right away.


I was on hold for about 3 minutes, a woman came on, listened to my story about how TU just wasn’t showing an updated balance on my third CC even though other two CRA did show it.  She asked if I had a statement showing the new balance.  I faxed it to 610-546-4657 (took about three times and busy signals) on Thursday at about 1:00.


Called this morning at 9:00 and they confirmed that my report had been updated.  They are really very nice.  I wouldn’t over use the number, but if you truly have an emergency (for me, its my LO waiting to update and send file to underwriting), they will help you.   Thank you TU.



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