University Accounting Service- Delinquent account

University Accounting Service- Delinquent accountUniversity Accounting Service- Delinquent account
NetMiner007 asked 5 years ago


The DW just got a letter from UAS with the following text:

“Your loan is severely delinquent. The lending institution listed above has decided to exercise its option to assign out account the department of Education. Once your account has been assigned the department will use collection measures at its disposal, which may include wage garnishments and or intercepting tax refunds.

If you wish to avoid these consequences, you must bring your account to a paid in full status within 90 days of the date of this letter. Payments can be made on line at: www……”



She has not attended the university since her freshman year in 2005. Do they still have any right to get to her debt? Can they garnish her wages at this point?

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