Unauthorized Pull. What to do?

Unauthorized Pull. What to do?Unauthorized Pull. What to do?
fecdobackhilltran asked 5 years ago

So I signed up with a new Cable TV service yesterday.  They rep on the phone asked me for my drivers license #.  I immediately though they were going to pull credit.  I asked him several times what this was for and that i DO NOT want them to pull my credit.  He assured he several times it was just to verify if I had used their cable service in the past and had any outstanding balances..  Ok


FF to today.  I get a myfico alert of a new inquiry from the cable company.  Dropping my equifax from 820 to 814.  I am floored.  Spoke with the rep and his manager who profusely apologized to my saying yes they pull and the rep should have know to tell me this.  They are going to “see what they can do” on their end but I doubt that will go anywhere.



Any I correct in assuming that with the fair credit act unauthorized credit pulls are illegal and I should be able to dispute this directly with Equifax with little to no problem?

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