Unauthorized credit inquiry by a mortgage lender.

Unauthorized credit inquiry by a mortgage lender.Unauthorized credit inquiry by a mortgage lender.
eeyowidoego asked 5 years ago



Some background


I am around 40 days away from closing my new home. The lender I plan to close with has to repull my credit score since the previous report has expired (4 months). I have been holding off on the repull as long as i can to give more time to my score.


I pulled my score/report on myfico recently to check where my scores are at and it turns out my median score is at the exact boundary of a range. Just a point more and I go into the next range whih gets me a better interest rate. 


This is the bakground. Now the real situation. I noticed that one of the other lenders I was working with earlier had an extra inquiry on my report a few months back. I did not authorize this extra inquiry. I asked them about it and they did accept that it wasn’t authorized by me and encouraged me to dispute it. 


What is the best and quickest way for me to get this hard inquiry off my reports (all 3 bureaus).

I think a disupte will take time and  I cannot afford to do it since I can’t hold off on my credit repull as I am close to my clsoing date. Moreover if the dispute doesnt get resolved in time, I might have troubles closing due it.

Can i force this lender to work with Credco(whom they used) and/or the bureu to get this off?


Getting this inquiry off would maybe get me that 1 extra score point and push me to the next range of score.



Advice guys !

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