Trying to remove a judgment in Georgia

Trying to remove a judgment in GeorgiaTrying to remove a judgment in Georgia
Bsaiierapi asked 4 years ago

I have 1 paid judgment listed on my report that would like to have removed.  I have seen that I can try to have it vacated, but am not sure if I can in the state of Georgia. Does anyone have any experience in this area?  It was paid 1 month after granted and that has been 18 months ago.  I also have another one that was paid, and I have the emails stated that it has, but has not been entered as satsified with the courts.   Can I get this removed because of inaccurate reporting and if so who do I dispute this with, the CRA, the court or the company that filed the case?   This one was 14 months ago.

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Mark Anthony replied 4 years ago
Kira zero shiki replied 4 years ago

are they really that good,

kate mccrea replied 4 years ago

They cleaned my credit like in almost 3 months flat

Павел Козлов replied 4 years ago

I have them in my pocket!

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