Trying for a mortgage loan

Trying for a mortgage loanTrying for a mortgage loan
NeldaFer asked 5 years ago

I have several open cc with balances. I have so far managed to keep them below 30% usage. I was told by my loan officer that I need to lower my credit/debit ratio more. My question is I have $ 1700.00 I can apply to credit cards. The $ 1700 will not pay off all the cards, I was told to get all to 15%. My question is using the FICO versions 05, 04 and 02 will an overall lower credit/debit ratio do better for my score or indivudal credit/debit ratio on each card? I have come up with two options to use the $ 1700 (either pay off completely 2 or 3 cards or get all to about 15-17% usge. I need to see a small difference of 9 points and quickly. My scores are currently EX. 603, TU 631 and EQ 644. Apparently holding the cards at 30% usage is keeping the scores steady and I need to raise. My loan officer pulled a tri-report and those are from the report she shared with me. I have been working with this for almost 2 years now I want to be done and get into my new home.

capital one $ 3,300 limit with 990 balance

capital one 1,500 limit with 428 balance

credit one 400 limit with 120 balance

Amazon 2,600 limit with 758 balance

Walmart 1,000 limit with 293 balance

Lowes 1,500 limit with 338 balance

I really need some help, my loan officer has been unavailable due to spending a large amount of time in the hospital tending to her ailing mother.

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