Trouble with Transunion Dispute

Trouble with Transunion DisputeTrouble with Transunion Dispute
Terrylen asked 5 years ago

I paid for deletion a rental debt on March 27th. Since then both Equifax and Experian have successfully deleted the record from my reports. Transunion, two weeks after I paid, has reported the collection as “paid” and zero balance.


I initially sent them a copy of the deletion letter from the collection agency on March 30th. Today I opened a result letter from them dated April 9th maintaining the status of paid on the account.


I had called them April 10th to which the guy on the phone starts rambling off about statute of limitations. The most I could get him to do was to file a dispute and let me fax the letter I’ve already sent as evidence. He opened a dispute on the account (I was unaware they had already opened one for the letter I sent) and I faxed over the same letter I sent on April 13th.


While I can log on and see that I had a dispute opened on April 10th marked as incomplete, when I went to “file dispute” nothing was showing on my file. So I opened another one… 


I guess I’m trying to ask, what are my options here? I’m aggravated that two bureaus have followed through and transunion is giving me a hard time. I’m trying to qualify for a mortgage and don’t have time to do this back and forth nonsense.

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DaveanndAlie replied 5 years ago

I’m located in Canada. will this still benefit me here with our credit
companies and debt collectors? thanks

hwinco replied 5 years ago

notice how all the comments are no allowed on the other cole credit videos,
this is a scam. They dont care about people they just want MONEY!

hwinco replied 5 years ago

This is just another rude so called service that wants your money up front
with no refunds if and when it doesnt work.

Armando Banda replied 5 years ago

such a waste of time to watch this video..

flamerz23 replied 5 years ago

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5k and i was approved in like 5 – 10 minutes and my credit sucks

Fast Credit Repair replied 5 years ago

I believe the DIY way of repairing credit scores. There are a ton of
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