Travel/Reward card for my mom…help!

Travel/Reward card for my mom…help!Travel/Reward card for my mom…help!
fausaMixail asked 4 years ago

Looking for a new card for my mom, here’s what she needs:
Something simple, one card only (I suggested doing like what I do by using my freedom card to “feed” my CSP rewards, no dice…gotta be one card, simple)
Either % cash back, or reward points/miles redeemable for travel (like chase).
Probably around $ 50K spend a year, mostly normal stuff (doesnt care much about gas/grocery/keeping track of quarterly categories) but she travels a fair amount…mostly just flights, not hotels/rental cars.
It used to be taboo (for whatever reason) to mention this on these forums, but customer service needs to be US based, Mumbai call centers are an absolute deal breaker.
Prefer a card with no foreign transaction fees – not a must, but preferred as she travels internationally a couple times a year.

Things not important:
APR: she won’t carry a balance or do cash advances.
She doesn’t have a balance to transfer.
She doesn’t mind an annual fee, long as it’s worth it.
She doesn’t shop at Costco or Sams, so any type of card is fine.

She has excellent established credit, no blemishes.

I haven’t kept up with all the cards and their rewards for the last couple years, hope someone could point me in a good direction!

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