Travel Cards and Airline Miles General not CoBranded

Travel Cards and Airline Miles General not CoBrandedTravel Cards and Airline Miles General not CoBranded
Ernestacoub asked 5 years ago

I’ve got 6 months + to finish my research as to which travel card suits my needs. Here’s the thoughts tormenting my research.


Venture(One) – options of PC CLI QS or App. Will only app if bonus exists.

Arrival (plus) – love or hate relationships noted w Barclays. How universal is this card in redemption?

BlueSky – despite the branded Delta – Redemption value towards any airlines, Gold AF gives me heartburn.

Sapphire (preferred) – seems a high tier lender that may take till 2017, but how redeemable is it? Blackout dates?

Flagship – options of PC after CLI and so far my current GoRewards is limited in redemption selections, is it the same for Flagship?

Discover Miles – the curious lender, while their IT gains popularity, not much is said in regards to this


These are on my radar, and I’m unsure of any others in existence that aren’t co branded. Please do share if I’m missing an excellent card to research. Only stipulation is I refuse USBank out of personal banking with them left a sour impression. Any AF over $ 100 is non negotiable for only flying twice a year. I will fly internationally to Canada, Mexico and Asia. 


Blabber:  last card I want is a travel card, then my portfolio is done. Should another lender be the best choice, my GoRewards will become Cash.


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