Transunion dispute

Transunion disputeTransunion dispute
Mjuterbof asked 5 years ago

I disputed some student loans on my credit report last month… I got notification that the investigation was completed today. Two of the accounts that I was sure weren’t mine were deleted and the other two were updated to show current payment status because they were duplicate reports. I noticed my Transunion score went up today (only 5 points, but it’s that much closer to crossing over 600!) I printed a copy of my credit report from Transunion and noted that all of my baddies are due to fall off early 2016 with the exception of a judgement which should fall off the report 12/2016. I have two baddies falling off in October of this year (student loans that are now paid in full). All of the charge off accounts are now past my states SOL, so I know they can’t get a judgement against me which is good.

My question now becomes what to do about the judgement. It was for two charge off accounts from 2006, but they waited until 2009 to file court action. The original judgement was for $ 1736 but of course they also accrued interest. They got a revivor in court last month and the attorney office just sent me a letter stating that they will garnish my wages (impossible since I’m a stay at home mom) unless I send them money. I want to pay off this judgement and get it behind me, but at $ 3000+ now including the interest, I can’t afford to pay that in one lump sum. The letter sent to me indicated a formula based on how much I earn to pay satisfactorily and avoid garnishment. I’m wondering if I should contact the attorneys office and explain that I don’t work, but I’d like to pay them $ 1000 and see what that gets me. Will this update the judgement on my credit report and make it stay on there longer or if they accepted that offer, would it still fall off my reports next year?

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