Trans-union hooked me up tonight!!

Trans-union hooked me up tonight!!Trans-union hooked me up tonight!!
MangosteenMew asked 4 years ago

I went through their dispute backdoor yesterday around noon and disputed my foreclosure. It is due to fall off in May of this year. My thinking is what the heck, they can only turn me down. I told them the account was settled and ask if they could please remove it. 2 hours ago I received a email stating they had come to a decision on the dispute. I logged into TU thinking I was shot down, but to my surprise some AWESOME csr gave me the greatest gift! The foreclosure was/is completely deleted from my file. Not wanting to wait till the beginning of the month to do my $ 1 with credit check total. I used a different email address and created a new username to get around the 3B pull restrictions with them. My Trans-union jumped 59 points to a 761!!!! Woo Hooo Now its just waiting for Equifax to give me an answer or just wait the 2 1/2 months till it drops from their report. EQ has been the toughest on me, with my CRs. I’m not going to hold my breath that they’ll cut me a break. Regardless…I’m one happy camper!!!

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