To pay or not to pay

To pay or not to payTo pay or not to pay
eeyowidoego asked 4 years ago

I have a credit card with capital one from 2008, and the last payment was in 2012. I maxed out the credit card during a financial hard time and stopped paying altogether in 2011 and then made a few payments in 2012 but haven’t since then. It is listed at 150 percent utilization and is maxed out (plus interest and late fees). This is the only credit card that is showing delinquent on my account totalling 1200 to pay it off in full. I am trying to raise my credit score to try to buy a house in the next year and I am wondering how this would impact my credit if I leave it be, or should I make payments? Anyone have any suggestions? I have a very low credit score and only a certain amount of money to put towards fixing my credit so I want to ensure I am making that money count. Would this be beneficial or should I leave it alone because it wouldn’t make much of a difference? Thanks Smiley Happy

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