To close or not to close?

To close or not to close?To close or not to close?
JosephImips asked 4 years ago

Hi all. In December I purchased a new guitar. I went a few steps above what I was originally looking at due to the 12 months 0% financing they were offering. 


At the time, I was monitoring my credit for fun, at CK, and that’s when I realized that the *free financing* they offered actually affected my credit score… Had I known it was going to take the hit it did I would have just sucked it up and threw it on one of my active cards… ( I couldn’t resist the sound of a Taylor as soon as I played it :smileywink:


So, to get to the point.. It is a Synchrony account, and after checking my report on, I see that it appears as a “Charge Account.” The credit limit on it is $ 3500….. not too high for me, as my credit cards range between $ 6000 and $ 7800. 


I’m just wondering if, since it’s a charge account, it would benefit me in anyway to close it as soon as I pay it off? Or should I just sit on it and let the lender close after no usage? I have no intentions of using it afterwards. If I close it would it get rid of the “recently opened account” status that comes with it?










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