Timing to go under contract, End of Year – Any advantage????

Timing to go under contract, End of Year – Any advantage????Timing to go under contract, End of Year – Any advantage????
NahouseOVarl asked 4 years ago

My husband and I have a lease that ends March 30th and we’d like to close maybe around February-March.  


At first we were going to wait until January to get pre-approved assuming there are some houses on the market we like…we are looking at three specific subdivisions.  Right now there are 4 houses that we’d be thrilled with and that are totally within our budget and we know we could get for the price we want – it’s just a little early just yet.  Two are new build “market homes” and two are not new houses.


Anyway, so can anybody who sells houses or lending or any of that tell me if there is any bargaining advantage to maybe going under contract say, the last week of the year between Christmas and New Year’s? We’d still want to close probably 30-60 days out, but in either setting – new build or otherwise, would that help?


At first i thought maybe it would, but then i remembered they’d still be closing later, it’s just the contract theyre locking into at the end of the quarter, not actually making the sale. So, if there really is no advantage to it I’d just as soon wait a couple more weeks and get things moving in January, but if there is an advantage and houses are still on the market we like, we’d be willing to do that.



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