This is hard work…

This is hard work…This is hard work…
borrniverdebaj asked 4 years ago

After I got sick a couple of years ago, things went downhill fast for my family, I lost my job and we racked up credit card debt and late payments like you wouldn’t believe. Thankfully, because of this site, I have educated myself and know the steps to take. Because I feel so responsibile for all this mess, I’m taking it upon myself to fix both mine and my husband’s credit report. I’m starting with his, since he’s the only one working right now while I stay at home with our daughter, boy, this is like a full time job. I have some experience in the banking industry so I feel like that gives me an edge. I will be using this to kind of document what has happened so far and what I’ve got in the works. Any advice, comments, suggestions, or just cheering me on would be greatly appreciated, I will post more later with the complete rundown. 


Husband’s current FICO scores…I know, I know….they’re horrible. 


Equifax – 506

Transunion – 566

Experian – 530 


Got a 16 point jump today from three medcial collections that were placed in December being removed because they were erroneous. His Equifax before was 490, I know it’s not much, but getting into the 500’s and seeing that jump was thrilling. 


High Rise Credit Repair

High Rise Credit Repair replied 4 years ago
High Rise Credit Repair replied 4 years ago

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Porter Donelan replied 4 years ago

Can you guys help my credit to purchase a home? i was denied because of my
credit score šŸ™

Simon Cull replied 4 years ago

Awesome service, i need it.

Rudolf Davisson replied 4 years ago

Where are you guys located?

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