The witch is dead….

The witch is dead….The witch is dead….
Irenehix asked 5 years ago

Back in 2012, before I knew about these forums I made the mistake of jumping on a pre-approved offer from first premier. I used the card, paid in full every month. When I got this card I was hovering in the 530’s and didnt think I had any other options. As of about 9:45 this morning the account has been closed by me! It felt so liberating, they tried hard to keep me from closing by offering me a $ 45 bill credit haha. Also she tried to convince me that having a low limit card for gas and online purchases was a great security measure.


Thanks to everyone here for all the great info. I have 2 baddies set to fall off early next year and then I will be clear of derogs.


Happy Memorial Day to all

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