The grass IS greener!

The grass IS greener!The grass IS greener!
AnitaFedorova asked 4 years ago

I am 32 years old and started taking my credit seriously about a year ago(I know, I know). When j first signed up on myfico my scores were in the 530s. After reading numerous articles on the forum I have managed to have seven collections removed from my credit reports albeit two. Also in the meantime I have successfully been approved for a capital one secured card $ 200 limit(increased to $ 500 limit for paying on time), a capital one QS $ 1,5k limit and a discover one with a $ 3k(after pleading with my mom to co sign for me). I have kept my util % below 30% on all of my cards and paid every bill on time. Since last year my scores have increased to TU 650, EQ 660 and EX 750. I am interested in buying a home within the next two years and would like some pointers on how to get my scores around an average of 750. My aaoa is very low, around five months. I applied for all three credit cards within the last nine months and as of now do not have any intentions of applying for anymore. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated

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