Thank you Discover!

Thank you Discover!Thank you Discover!
PhilipWen asked 5 years ago

Ok – it was a wing and a prayer – I had used the card right up to the limit – and didn’t realize it – I mean I had $ 5 to spare and I tried to order something on Amazon for Christmas.  

Of course declined…..realized what I did and went in and made payments because I had paid the cell phone bill earlier in the day – but I needed to order this thng NOW – only 8 left in stock and shipping wasn’t going to get it here until the 23rd.  So now I had pending transactions and pending payments.


So – I wanted to use cash back to discount the item – So I hit the Luv button on Discover- got the 2 day message – which is is better than 7-10 – so I called in and explained what I was trying to do and that I had two pending payments – but that I really needed to order this now.   The guy was SO nice and understanding, put me on hold for a couple minutes and came back with a YES.   Went from $ 800 to $ 1200 and I was able to order the present!   (Honestly I only needed about $ 150 – I mostly wanted to be able to use my credits – and get the extra 5% since it was on Amazon!


Oh Thank you Discover!!!   

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