[TEXAS] Frontier Communications Doubled Verizon Bill!

[TEXAS] Frontier Communications Doubled Verizon Bill![TEXAS] Frontier Communications Doubled Verizon Bill!
KeithSix asked 4 years ago

I am so livid right now. 


I realize this isn’t necessarily credit related, but I need some advise. I’ve asked in one other place and was advised that contacting the Public Utilities Commission was a good bet. I just want to put this out there to see if there are any other organizations or advise you might recommend? 



So this is this situation.


I live in Texas and as of April 1st Frontier Communications acquired Verizon FiOS customers. There was absolutely no notice of this prior to the switch, I found out about it when I upgraded to quantum and went to pick my equipment up. I wasn’t even told when I was placing the order! 


Well, my package came out to around $ 130 per month after taxes. So my bill comes out for May and they took everything in my package and charged me for it individually. 


I’ve tried calling the customer service line but they’re overseas and I was on the phone for an hour and a half. First I was transferred to tech support after ripping into the billing/cs rep, then I was transferred back to a billing rep who then transferred me to sales who hung up on me. I have emailed them on Facebook and someone was supposed to contact me about the issue and no one has. I called again and after 45 minutes I asked for a supervisor and was hung up on again. 


I have no idea what to do. I’ve arranged services to be set up with Time Warner (yeah, they’re the only option in the area but they’re the lesser evil here) my thing is I should not pay this exuberant amount AND I know they’re likely going to try and stick me with an early term. fee. I don’t want this to go on my credit … I’m finally getting that back on track. 


Can someone please advise me how I should handle this? What would you do? 


Here are the screenshots of the difference in the bills.


First, Verizon’s confirmation and billing:



From Frontier



Thank you in advance for your help. 

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