Talk me off the ledge….

Talk me off the ledge….Talk me off the ledge….
richeventrzn asked 4 years ago

I am having a mini heart attack right now. I pre-qualified for an FHA loan back in october, and had an offer accepted on a home in yesterday (yay!). 


From June 2013-Aug 2014 I was unemployed, depressed, and simply didn’t pay my student loans, and didn’t get around to putting them into forebearance until Aug 2014, and have paid on-time every month since December 2014. I know I was stupid, but I can’t do anything to change it now, so whatever. Live and learn.


In September (before loan pre-qualification) I sent a GW letter to my loan servicer to see if they’d forgive the lates. It WAS NOT a dispute. I got a letter a few weeks later saying, nope, sorry, can’t do.


Now I see something on my credit report that says “Dispute resolved, customer disagrees.” OMG…did I inadvertently screw myself?? What do I do?! How do I get rid of this?!


I am freaking out right now…we are supposed to close at the end of January, our rental has already been sold, and I don’t know what to do!!




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